Special Offers

We’re always looking for ways to help you save money, so why not take advantage of one our special offers. They’re regularly updated so make sure you come back to get the latest deal.

6 Nations Burgers – £10.95 Each, all served in a dressed beer bun with homemade coleslaw!

England - 2 x 4 oz Beef Burgers topped with a fried egg, bacon and sausage with chips. Wales - Minted lamb burger and a cheesy leek sauce with skinny fried. Ireland - 2 x 4 oz beef burger topped with saute cabbage and bacon with skinny fries. Scotland - 2 x 4 oz beef burger topped with black pudding and a whiskey BBQ with skinny fries. France - 2 x 4 oz beef burger topped with brie, caramelised red onion, garlic and herb seasoned fries. Italy - 2 x 4 oz beef burger topped with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil with rosemary fries.

Lunch time special – buy one, get one free!

Lunch time special – buy one get one free! Available Mon – Thurs, 12-2pm, 4th Sept- 24th Nov. See menus for details.

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